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Shaken, Not Stirred

Active Ingredient: Dialogue
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This community is the result of a number of experiences I have encountered during my time here in the US and one much older experience that ocurred in my early 20's.

It is meant to be an open forum of discussion for people who have been historically oppressed in my tribal homelands since Contact (1492). Among those communities who have been targeted as being most worthy of racist ideology are the NDGNS, Afican-American, Asian-American, Latina/o communities.

I wanted to have a forum where we could discuss amongst ourselves how we can strengthen common ties, deconstruct internalized racism and stereotypes we have about each other, educate each other about our own cultures and communities, discuss ways in which we can help each other promote understanding of our respective communities...what can we do to be more effective and informed allies?

The floor is open for dialogue. Anything goes here, anything that promotes enlightenment.

That being said, I view conflict as a necessary element in promoting an enlightened state of mind. I also view peaceful interaction as a necessary element in promoting an enlightened state of mind. Given the often sensitive nature of cross-cultural dialogues, especially in colonized multi-cultural countries, it is inevitable that there will be conflict....all I ask is that you honestly examine whether or not your conflict is coming from a self-serving place in your ego or is an honest intellectual/emotional/spiritual quest for knowledge and truth that by necessity needs go through a breaking down in order for that center to be reached. Both kinds of conflict are valuable, but over-emphasis on one can be detrimental to the success of the other.

By that I mean has the dialogue turned into a debate that has in turn turned more into a vested interest in yelling down the other party? Is it more about you insisting on your viewpoint being the only viewpoint that is valid than about all of us learning and contributing our viewpoints?

I don't believe in censoring anything.
All opinions are valid.
Learning requires humility and a willingness to be open to other realities.
Anger is valid.
Idealism is valid.
Honesty is appreciated.

If anyone else has anything to add to this mini-biography please feel free to contribute.